Nominee Services

You may need Nominee Services if your Dubai company's shareholders do not wish to disclose their identity, or your company does not wish to disclose its ownership of other companies for commercial reasons. A nominee shareholder will execute a declaration of trust in favour of the true owner of the shares, agreeing to exercise all voting rights and deal with the shares only in accordance with the instructions of the true ('beneficial') owner. The name of the nominee shareholder then appears on all public records relating to the shareholding.

The purpose of using nominee services for your Dubai/UAE Company is to ensure the highest degree of security and confidentiality.

The reasoning behind nominee services is to protect the identity of the client, ensuing discretion and anonymity. The motive of using nominee services is so that the nominee person(s) appears in the corporate documents other than the beneficial owner of the Company. However nominees have no control over the company and are not entitled to manage. A nominee is a person who takes a superficial interest in the Company's business and is basically there to sign documents accepting appointments.

We provide our client with a declaration of trust which is a legal document confirming that we hold the shares in trust on behalf of the beneficial owner, and that should the owner at any time wish to take the shares back they may do so.

An original Share Transfer Form signed by us, but undated, will be issued to you, so that you can have the security of being able to transfer the shares at any time.

Alliance Business Council (ABC) provides nominee director, nominee shareholder and nominee company secretary services.